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About Us


Jesom Construction PLLC  is a company dedicated to wood and metal framing jobs, drywall, acoustic skies, remodeling and new construction, as well as residential and commercial in the state of Tennessee. What differentiates our construction company from the other companies is that we have a diversity of services. Our mission is to be recognized by larger companies and put the name of the company on high; No matter how big or small the projects are, We always are giving the maximum potential.

Help our employees to develop their maximum potential in their areas of work and help them discover their talents, as well as in the area of ​​leadership and customer service.

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The principles ​​of JESOM Construction and their employees are to do a clean job and give to our customers a good impression. We Always treat our clients with respect and help them answering any questions that they have about the projects, and give them ideas to improve the quality and vision of the same project.

House Building

+ 50 remodeled houses

Commercial Construction

+ 150 Commercial Structures Built

Office Renovation

+153 Restored Offices

Store Restoration

+201 Remodeled Stores


+550 Projects Done


+200,000 SqFt Framing Done

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Jesom Construction PLLC  has the vision to help to the construction companies with which we work to obtain satisfactory results in residential and commercial renovations in the State of Tennessee. One of the main goals for us is to continue discovering leadership for our company in order to continue offering the best service in the area of ​​work and customer service.

Our Team

Our Clients